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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Den Portal Adventures: Part Two

Read Part One of this post here!

As I promised, here is part of the den adventure, featuring tableshop

When you start, you're surrounded by tables.

Next is seasonaltreeshop. Prince is confused

Prince is confused again because he forgot how to think (thethinkingroom)

Nonmemberportalshop is being laggy, so he sat down


Nyancatshop with random bunnies

Survivalislandshop with pirate Prince


There's a lot more I didn't have tiome to take piuctures of, but there's egyptianrugshop, egyptiancatshop, egyptianpillowshop, discoshop (this one is epic), wildlifeshop, breakfastshop, fantasybannershop, thephantomshop, thecourtroom, barrelshop, and bluerugshop.
The cycle ends with theshopsshop, which contains an item from each den in the cycle. After that,, it's back to tableshop
If I find another Den Portal Adventure, I will make a third post. But for now,

Monday, June 15, 2015

Den Portal Adventures: Part 1

I'm sure you've all at least heard of them. If you haven't, it's when somebody makes an extra account, fills up with an item or themed items, and puts a portal in it to another den like it. Sadly, the creators of these are often unknown, and plagiarized. There are two very well known ones, the tableshop cycle, and the thefireshop cycle. Today we will focus on thefireshop, and a follow up post tomorrow about tableshop. Lets start!

When you come to thefireshop, you're surrounded by Tiki Torches.

Go through the portal at the end of the den...
And you end up in Egyptianroom

Next up: statueroom. It has a ninja Liza
When I went to moonwallz I actually disappeared!
Bouncyrainbowhouse = EPIC
You don't have to go through the rainbowmazez, but it's still fun
Derpkitt is filled with prizes from the Spring Festival and other items of the theme
Derpyscandycafe contains Bitter Sweets prizes - it made Prince hungry
Another maze - this one is a pumpkinmaze
Portaland may have a lot, but they all end up in the same place
Kittyparadise has plushies of lions, snow leopards, cheetahs, and tigers along with an epic tiger plushie and a tiger claw
Discooparty is epic - lets dance
Sitting in the pumpkin patch at happythankzgiving
Merryjamalidays is the last one - the portal is closed
That's all for now! Tomorrow I'll have a continuation post with a guide to tableshop. Until then,
(Like the new signature?)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tutorial: Phantom Cotton Candy

Have you all been to the summer carnival yet? I bet you don't know the secret to getting phantom shaped cotton candy! Watch my video to learn how!

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Land History: Coral Canyons

Coral Canyons is a very popular land today. It's second place players logging on are sent if Jamaa Township is full. It contains Epic Wonders, the rarest store after the Diamond Shop. And it's the center for flying animals with it's store Royal Ridge. But while many believe it's always been around, it hasn't. It was released right after beta testing ended.

The bridge going form Sarepia Forest to Coral Canyons was blocked by a stack of boxes, and as a gift to all jammers, the new land was released.

When it was released, it the only room was the Art Studio. There was nothing behind the waterfall.
It did have one store, though. It was at the stand where the Den Depot is today. It was called Coral Corner.
This shop sold a lot of items that are considered beta today.
File:Coral corner pg3
A little before it's deletion in July 2011, a sale sign appeared in front of the store, and all items went on clearance (see above images).
The stand was left empty for a while, then the Den Depot replaced it.

After a while, construction began behind the waterfall. A wooden gate appeared.
When it opened, it looked just like the epic wonders you know today, though not as many items. This was AJ began to become more commercialized.
For years, nothing happened there. Except new games being added, it stayed the same. Then eagles were released.
Within weeks, a new store was released above the Den Depot that could only be accessed by flying animals. It's known as Royal Ridge.

There was a temporary glitch that allowed jammers to get to Royal Ridge without an eagle, but it was soon fixed.
And now you see the wonderful land today. 
Image/video Credits:
Old Map: TheSlidoo of The Animal Jam Community
Coral Corner Stand: Meloetta385 of The Animal Jam Flash
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Coral Corner with Clearance Sign: Meloetta385 of The Animal Jam Flash
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Crowded Royal Ridge: Pumaa of The Animal Jam Community
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Royal Ridge Glitch video: Werewolf0011's YouTube Channel

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Origin of Zios

Everyone has heard of Zios, the creator of Jamaa. But has anyone thought of his origin?

Compare this:
To this:
Zios was inspired by the Incan sun god Viracocha. Although this debates my theory of where Zios and Mira got their names.
Oh well. It's pretty interesting, though.

Image Credits:
Zios: Pumaa of The Animal Jam Community
Viracocha: Sheesh4 of The Animal Jam Insiders
Zios & Mira Name Theory: Custom made for me by Arcticpenguinii of The Animal Jam Go!
Post inspired by Sheesh4 of The Animal Jam Insiders

Sunday, May 10, 2015

More Spring Flowers + Phantom balls?

(Read yesterday's post on why this makes me sad)
I hate you bracelet.
Anyway, more interesting news!

There's about five glitches happening at the same time, but one is most noticeable. The currency.
What is that thing, some sort of phantom swirl?

We don't know...

Part Three of Jamaa's Legends was released today. Click the image to read it!

Image/video credits:
Spring Flower Bracelet: Violet86271 of The Animal Jam Legendary Palooza
New Currency Video: Nafaria9 of the Naffy Taffy channel
Phantom Balls & Glitches: Victoryscreechxd
Jamaa Legends: The Daily Explorer, AJHQ's official blog